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ErgoS Human Factors Engineering is an Human Factors consultancy for software, industry, and service sectors.
This website provides an impression of our activities in usable software and interaction design:

  • Complex database applications, e.g. for: ERP, health care sector, financial sector
  • Complex real-time processing: traffic control, process automation, energy distribution, monitoring
  • Digitalisation of (document) workflow



The creation of software applications with good usability is certainly possible. ErgoS offers several options for optimising your software and interaction design. The ergonomic design results in more effectiveness, efficiency and comfort.

A first step in redesign of exisiting applications often is a quick scan to find out what improvements may be achieved. This quick scan takes little time (typically some days) by efficiently interviewing and observing some users to elicit essentials for task performance.


Recently working on:

  • RWS (Rijkswaterstaat)
    Evaluation and redesign of BOSS Online. ErgoS evaluates, analyses and redesigns this decision support system for road traffic.
  • TVM, Hoogeveen area, Netherlands
     Redesign of an in company developed information system for Insurance, Damages, Claims and Judicial Assistance.
  • CGM (Computer Group Medical).
    The redesign is about functionality and interaction style for software used by general practitioners and pharmacists.
    The software handles all actions on patients medical records, treatment, prescriptions and financials.
  • The Dutch Railways.
    This project of ProRail spans more years and is part of the centralisation of control in the OCCR (Operational Control Centre Rail) in Utrecht, Netherlands.
    This includes control of thousands of catenary groups and several Tunnel Technical Installations.
  • Research on CCTV applications
    There are well established Human Factors (HF) guidelines available for control centre design in general. However, these standards hardly address CCTV in the control centre.
    Therefore, ErgoS initiated a research project Human Factors of CCTV in practice. A draft HF Guidelines document is now available. For more information see our CCTV page.
  • Uniface BV (former Compuware)
    Usability of Uniface, the efficient IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for platform independent, multi-tier application development.
    • Applying ergonomic insights to conceptual and detailed design for the new environment, which will not only increase the efficiency of the development process, but also contribute to end user applications, as better default styles and widgets wil be facilitated.
    • Usability evaluation to provide further recommendations on the Uniface interface.
    • Knowledge transfer to Compuware about the ergonomics of interaction design.


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